You can use our stock content

  • With no additional fees
  • In unlimited projects forever
  • Across all media worldwide
  • For personal and commercial projects

Rules to follow when using our royalty-free content

Three main rules:

  • You may not use our content as logo, trademark, or service mark.
  • You may not use our content in any pornographic, illegal purpose, or controversial way.
  • You may not resell or redistribute our content.

Do not resell or redistribute

You may not use our content in screensavers, templates, standalone backgrounds, stock content, ringtones, etc.

You may not sell or give away our content on, for example, your YouTube channel, your website, P2P file sharing services, etc.

For photo, vector and GIF, copies of merchandise for sale are not allowed, and the physical reproduction limitation is 1,000 units.

If you wish to use the content in products such as templates, electronic greeting cards, screensavers, wallpapers, or any other electronic or printed matter, you have to obtain a prior written consent from MotionElements and/or make payment of additional License Fees.

Indicate person used is a model

In cases where the content features a model, indicate clearly that the person is a model and the visualization is used for illustrative purposes only:

  • If the usage is in a manner that suggests the model personally uses or endorses the product or service;
  • If the usage is with a subject that would be unflattering, embarrassing, or controversial to a reasonable person.

Do not claim to be the original creator

You cannot falsely represent or imply that you are the original creator of your end work if a substantial part of its artistic components is from the stock content.

You may not use the stock content as your logo, trademark, or service mark, as you can’t claim your unique rights for the stock content.

Similarly for music, you cannot use the stock content to create derivative work and pass it off as your own, unless the stock content is labeled with “Available For Musical Works”.

Rules for using our content for commercial purposes

“Editorial use only” label

Some stock content are marked with “Editorial use only” license and the people or property featured do not have releases. Editorial use only content is marked with a tag under its licensing specification on the product page and is typically used as part of a documentary, news, or editorial piece.

Editorial use only content is not available for use for commercial purposes, and cannot be used to advertise and promote a product or a service, for example: commercials, banner ads and flyers.

You are solely responsible for the use of Editorial use only content.

“P.R.O.” label

Contributors can register their music tracks with Performing Rights Organizations to protect their copyright and create an additional revenue stream for the usage of the track. Broadcast & TV Networks normally pay P.R.O.s a fee that is then distributed among its members whose registered tracks are used by the Broadcast & TV Networks.

Rest assured that royalty-free tracks purchased from MotionElements incur no additional cost above the purchase price.

The only difference with P.R.O. registered tracks are that if you use them for TV, film or public performance, you should indicate on the cue sheet the P.R.O. details of the music track. The relevant P.R.O. information fields are as follows:

  • Title of Track
  • Composer/Writer
  • Publisher (if any)
  • P.R.O. registered to
  • P.R.O. code (if any)

There are various P.R.O.s in the world, and the amount of information available to be filled in the cue sheet depends on this. Learn more

By properly providing the contributor’s details, not only do you legitimize your use of the track for broadcast and public performance at no additional cost, but you also make sure that the contributor is given a share of the fee paid to their P.R.O.s by the Broadcast and TV Networks.

How you can use stock content

Here are some examples of what you can create with royalty-free content:


You want to create an advertisement to show your company as a global company and will like to include videos of skylines around the world.

Websites & Blogs

You want to use a video as a slick background and have duly altered the original video by dropping its frame rate and adding your website’s logo as a watermark.


You want to create an event video. You bought a template to put in videos and photos captured during your event, and customized the template with your event’s name.

Software, Apps & Games

You created a battle game and needed a piece of music for whenever the enemy appears to fight, so you bought a piece of epic music to use.

TV & films

You have a scene that implies your character has worked through the night, so you bought a timelapse footage of night to day.


You are creating an edutainment video for your YouTube channel to talk about how blood flows in our body and you bought an animation of red blood cells flowing in blood vessels.

Your usage is covered by our License Agreement

MotionElements’ Royalty-Free License allows you to use the stock content for multiple projects as long as it does not violate the terms of our agreement.